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First Steps

1. Define Module

let DBD = require("discord-dashboard");

2. Use License

To use the Dashboard, you must have a license generated for the project. You will generate one through your Assistants Center account on the website. There is an OpenSource license available for FREE.

await DBD.useLicense('licenseId');

3. Update Dashboard Class

If your license is correct, a new class has just been added to the Dashboard. Therefore, you must redefine the Dashboard to access it.

DBD.Dashboard = DBD.UpdatedClass();

4. Create a Dashboard Class

Now, to create a working Dashboard - you should create a Dashboard class. This is extremely simple.

const Dashboard = new DBD.Dashboard({DiscordDashboardConfig});

5. Init Dashboard

To initialize the Dashboard, you must use the init() method.


Released under the MIT License.